Vans of Norway have a big passion for outdoor activities, nature and traveling. We think the best way to travel is when you have the freedom to go wherever you want. 


Therefore we funded Vans of Norway, so you can get to explore this unique way of traveling around in your own portable, classic home in Norway.

Don´t waste your time on finding hotels, bring your hotel along with you.

In Norway we have the freedom of roam - so you can park as close the nature wherever your want, for free! Go asleep right beside a big mountain and the sea. You will wake up with the most beautiful view, either alone, with your partner in crime or your family.

If you are the adventurous type and like to enjoy the small things in life, dont hesitate to rent one our campervans. We will promise you that it is the best way of exploring Norway.


Hedvig Langehaug

Hedvig is a member of the board and are working with the business strategy and marketing. She is the definition of energy and want to learn everything. It´s no surprise that she used to skydive, and now she is a pilot. You will find Hedvig behind a computer, under a car, talking to investors and delivering vans to customers. Hedvig is unique and we hope you will have the chance to meet her. 


Halvor Langhoff

Halvor is one of the founders of "Vans of Norway" and a eager vanlife fan. He is the definition of happiness and is always doing some outdoor activities as climbing, snowboarding, kiting or surfing. Halvor is a technical genius and has always a smile on his face. He lives currently in Lofoten to grow his passion and want to share this by renting out campervans. He is in charge for the Lofotens base and will provide you with local advices. 


Endre Evensen

Endre is one of the founders of "Vans of Norway". You can find Endre either with his head stuck in a engine room or on top of a mountain. Endre is the definition of helpful and will always give you a good laugh. He has been working as a car mechanic his whole life, and takes a break by either randonee ski, hunt, fish or up in the sky to fly his aircraft. He is the person in charge for the Oslo base and will give you the best service and always answeres your questions.