FAQ - things to know

We have received a lot of questions regarding our rental campers. Most of these questions will being answered here. 

If you still have one, do not hesitate to                             . We will help you as soon as possible.

How is the bedding?

We like to use sleeping bags, because it is the most space efficient and easiest in a small camper. We can offer you sleeping bags. We charge 300NOK per person (one time cost) for the sleeping bags. The sleeping bags are new this year, and comes with clean sleeping bag liners. Or you can bring your own. One pillow with clean pillowcase per person is included as well as two woll blankets.

Charging devices/sockets?

Our campervans are coming with USB ports, and cigarette lighter you can use independent, wherever you have to be. It takes power from the camping battery in the car. There is also two sockets inside to charging phones, computers, hairdryer etc. But to use those you have to be connected to public power on a campsite or similar.

Parking heater?

The parking heater (webasto) will keep your warm in cold days - even if the car is not running. It use small amount of fuel from the fuel tank, and power from the camping battery.

Where can you park?

In Norway it is the freedom to roam act regulates where you can go and camp wherever you want. You can basically park your campervan wherever you want and stay for the night or several nights. Make sure you park not too close to a private house etc. or blocking to a private road.

What about restrooms and shower?

Every gas station have restrooms that you can use for free, and most cafe´s and stores. If you are not planning on staying at a camping place you can ask if you can use the shower. Usually they will charge you a small amount for the use.


All the campervans has its own water deposit, and its own grey water tank. All tap water in norway is drinkable.
* You can refill the freshwater tank on most gas stations, and usually on every campsite.


The insurance has a 16 000 NOK self-risk if there is a damage, like fire, collisions and other accidents. If you somehow break minor things that is not because of wear and the fact that the cars are older, we will fix it as cheap as possible and send you a money request after your stay. Please call our insurance partner (IF insurance) road side assistance number +47 21 49 24 00 for on-road service. 24/7 road side assistance is also included free of charge

Minimum driving age/driving license?

The driver has to be at least 21 years old. If you are betwen 21 and 25 years old you have to pay an extra fee - because of the insurance. You need a normal valid driving licence category B to rent a campervan. There is no international license required. We will also take a copy of your driving license.


What the weather is like? You never know. You are visiting a polar region, so the winter can for sure be cold, but in the summer time it is warm. The weather changes quickly.
You can check the weather on: www.yr.no in both Lofoten and Oslo.

Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 5 days.

If the campervan breaks down?

If your campervan breaks down you can call +47 21 49 24 00 for 24/7 roadside assistance. The roadside assistance is for free and included in all bookings. Please contact us as well.


All the campervans has intergreated fridge where you can place food and drinks to stay cooled for days.

What is the pick-up and drop-off time?

Normally the pick-up time is from 2PM (14:00) to 4PM (16:00) and the drop-off time from 9AM (09:00) to 11AM (11:00) (if nothing else is agreed) We will do our best to fulfill our customers need, so pick-up time may differ from the standard time. Check with us before arrival.

How do I book and pay my reservation?

Do book your perfect road trip has never been easier! Payment and booking are done online: it start with that you choose your favourite campervan that are avaiable on your dates and locations of interest (Lofoten or Oslo). Once selected, customize your trip with extra services and introduce your personal information. To confirm your booking, we require a 25% down payement online. The second half will come ten days before your arrival, and has to be fully paid three days before arrival.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. All costs mentioned in your confirmation are final. There are no surcharges or hidden fees unledd you modify your reservation. In case of accident or damage, you will have to pay an extra fee. Also if the van is not dellivered back in the same condition you will get a cleaning fee after your stay.

Please note that fuel and tolls are to be paid by the traveller.
(Toll road package can also be purchase).

What are the conditions of returning the campervan?

The camper should be returned with full tank of fuel, and the grey water deposit has to be emptied. It has to be delivered back in the same condition as you got it.

Do the campervans have manual or automatic transmission?

All our campervans have manual transmission.

How many people can ride in a campervan?

Almost all our campervans are equipped with seatbelts for 4 passengers and have 2 double beds (4 persons). "Knut", "Caddy", "Lisa", "Egil" and "Stord" is only suitable for 2 persons.

Do I have to clean the campervan?

The campervan should be returned in a clean condtion. The grey water deposit should be emtied. In the case of returned campervan that needs professional cleaning, an additional cleaning fee on 500NOK inside, and 500NOK outside will be charged.

What is included in every rental?

Every booking includes standard features in order to make your road trip experience perfect. We provide 24/7 roadside assistance, cleaning kit, basic kitchenware (check out our blog), cooker and a cooler.

Are pets allowed?

At the moment, no pets are alllowed.

What happens if the campervan has any problems?

In case of an accident or if you need roadside assistance, please call us immediately. If needed, we will call roadside assistance in order to avoid any language barriers.