Basic kitchenware for campervan cooking.

One of the main reasons to travel with an campervan is the ability to cook a delicious meal at the start, and end of the day. With limited space indoors, having compact and practical kitchen tools makes it more organised. We want our kitchen tools to be easy to clean, practical and don´t take too much room. 

In this blogpost we will show you all the basic essential kitchen tools that you get in all of our campervans.

Food preparation equipment

  • Measuring cup

  • Can opener

  • Knives - every kitchen needs knives to do the cutting

  • Lighter to fire up the cooker

  • Mixing bowls/salad bowls - it is two stainless steel mixing/salad bowls in two different sizes

  • Cutting board - you´ll get one cutting board. Some of the vans have an custom fit cutting board, that fits perfect into the sink on the van for saving space.

  • Tongs, whisk, cheese slicer and spatula.

  • Coffee press - the campervan is not permanently plugged into shore lone electricity, so it is not enough power to run a big electric coffee maker. But, we love coffee, and the coffee press is compact and takes hardly any place. 

Cooking equipment 

  • Two pot´s - one big, and one small, that you can boil water in, and cook food

  • Stainless steel frying pan

Serving equipment  

  • Four plates and four bowls

  • Four knives, four spoons, four teaspoons and four forks - in stainless steel.

  • Four “Vans of Norway” enamel mug, and each mug have it own special qoute.

  • Potholder

  • Bottle opener/wine bottle opener

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Towels and spray 

  • Cleaning spongs

  • Dishbrush

  • Dustpan

Now you are ready to cook some food in our vans. We have chosen these products based on our own experience.

If it is something you think we should add into our kitchen just send us an mail, and we will look at it!:)