Leave only good footprints when traveling.

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Vans of Norway cares about the environment and would like to share how we think and how we act.

Today’s talk is all about how we can act more «green». Huge amounts of consumer plastic, rubber, metal and other lost items is found out in the nature daily, both on land and ocean. Vans of Norway wants to keep a sustainable profile, and think that small actions in the long term has an positive effect. So when you are travelling around in one of our camper vans in Norway, we want you to think about how to leave no traces.

We made a guideline of six steps that will help you act more environmental friendly.

Here are six steps that we think is important to follow when travelling with a camper van. Remember that the next person behind you deserves the same or better nature experience that you had:

  1. Plan ahead and pack consumables with minimal trash components. So many products are packed with double layer of plastic when only one is needed.

  2. Make sure your waste goes the right place. When out hiking in the mountains or in the woods, make sure to bring back all the waste you brought with you and throw it away in a container later, not in the nature.

  3. If you have to use the nature as a bathroom, make sure you dig a hole deep enough that no one steps in it.

  4. If you see trash laying in the nature - be a trooper and pick it up.

  5. All our campers have grey water/spill water tanks. All the water you consume is collected in this water tank. Find a proper drain at a gas station car wash area or on a camp ground, and dump it there.

  6. When you change location, remember to leave your camp spot as you found it.

Lofoten Area has a map that shows you where in Lofoten you can find waste containers for travelers, septic dump stations and public toilets.

Check out the map:

Unfortunately there is no such map for southern Norway. Our general tip is to find gas stations along the road since they normally have waste containers and public toilets.

Thank you for reading this post and help us to keep Norway clean.