Want to explore Norway from a campervan?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

If you want to read some tips and tricks about how it works to travel through Norway in a campervan, you should check out this post.

The idea of living and traveling around in Norway with a van is exciting and adventurous. You get to spend as much time as possible out in the nature. Unless you are familiar with this, living in this portable home will be different from anything else you have experienced before.

"It is so many amazing pieces of public land of which you can legally camp and park!"

Living in a campervan is quite affordable in Norway. In Norway we got the freedom to roam - which means you can spend a night for free everywhere. Or almost everywhere. You can not spend the night right outside a privat building or blocking any roads. The rule says that you are allowed to camp anywhere if its more than 150m from the nearest inhabited house or cabin. Which basically means that you have enormous amounts of amazing pieces of public land you can choose from! That's why Norway is one of the best countries in the world to explore from a camper van.

If you like it a bit more comfortable, Norway has also tons of campgrounds to stay at. There you can park your camper van safely, take a shower at the shower facility, and wash clothes for a small amount of money. In addition you can connect your van to grid power and use the socket inside to charge computers, cameras etc. Check out this site to get an overview of the campgrounds in Norway:

If you are not staying at a campground and have to go to the restroom, every gas station have a restroom available to use. At the gas stations you can also fill up your water tank with fresh water - because all spring water in Norway is drinkable! Yes, its true...Norway has the finest, crystal clear water in every tap you find.

"You are able to turn your van into the most amazing hotel room, and its affordable"

It is many extraordinary benefits to living in a campervan. You got the freedom to go wherever you want and it is cost-efficient. Instead of renting a high class hotel, you can make your own - like a villa looking over beautiful mountains, or from an ocean cliff viewing the sunset dropping below the horizon. The campervans also fit in every parking line, because it have same size as a regular van - no need for struggle to find parking in the city. Another great thing to know is that you get the lowest price rate on ferries. The possibilities are endless, and its juts up to you to choose one. Visit this page to do a few peeking´s of where to go when travel by a van I Norway:

"Follow our guidelines and maybe it will be your best holiday ever?"

So, on your trip. Our suggestions to make this the best camper van holiday is to...

  • ...take your time and talk to new people. If you do so, you will never regret. It is always fun to chat with new people, especially in a new country! Then you can hear some fun stories, get some local advices or even make a new friend.

  • ...stick to the small, exotic roads. The roads in Norway is an experience by it selves. At the following site you can see some of the national scenic routes in Norway that you need to see!

  • ...stick to the mountain passes. Instead of driving through the tunnels, stick to the mountain passes - its those places you find wild nature and great spots for parking and camping.

  • some mountain hikes. It is literately a playground of mountains in Norway with beautiful view to hike! You do not need to hike the most famous mountains to get a nice view, just drive around in the van, stop by a mountain you think looks cool, and go hiking! Then you also will get a whole mountain by yourselves! Be aware that the weather can change fast and you should know what you are physically capable of doing before going on a hike. Bring warm clothes, food and turn around before you get lost. Great webpage for hiking in norway:

  • ...challenge yourselves and explore something new. In the summer time you can go surfing, climbing, fishing, look at glaciers take a bungee jump in Rjukan, join waterfall tours, horseback riding etc. Or in the wintertime go for some skiing, snowboarding, dog mushing, cross-country skiing, see the northern lights and eat some traditional food! It is so much to do, and this is just a tiny bit of it!

  • ...but most of all don't rush, stop when you see something beautiful and have fun!!

Taken by: Gemini_wanderers on Instagram. One of our customers who rented the van in Lofoten.

And in the end.. We will give you six general rules to follow when driving in Norway:

1. Follow the speed limit or it can cost you over 10.000 NOK - and this is your responsibility.

2. Always wear seatbelt - or you can get a fee.

3. Speed limits on highway is usually 90, 100 or 110 km/h.

4. Share the road with cyclists.

5. Always bring your driving license.

6. In Norway we do drive on the right side of the road.

7. You need to pay to park in almost any city centres.

8. There are many toll roads and its automatically registered on the specific van.

If you have any further questions, dont hesitate to send us a message to: