Southern Norway holiday in a campervan, VOL 2.

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

We will by three posts show you some different routes you can choose from with Oslo as a starting point.

In VOL 1 we will take you from Oslo via Stavanger to Bergen. In VOL 2 we will take you from Bergen to Trondheim, and in VOL 3 from Trondheim via Rondane and Røros to Oslo.

In this post, VOL 2, we will take you from Bergen to Trondheim.

When you are done with seeing Bergen (look at previous post to see what to do there), you should definitely head towards Trondheim!

We suggest you to avoid the quickest road, and longer but more exciting road between Bergen and Trondheim.

So bring some food, Norwegian chocolate, water, coffee, and you are ready to roll.

This route offers a lot of amazing attractions as you drive through beautiful coastal landscape and mountain passes.

This road is less traficated which makes it easier to drive more slowly, enjoy more of the view and more camping spots along the road to chose from.

From Bergen you should make your way to Fjærland - which takes about 4,5 hours. This road includes a ferry which will take around 35 minutes (between Oppedal and Larvik). Once you´re in Fjærdal area you will find cozy cafés, souvenir shops and art galleries.

Fjærdal is located along Sognefjorden where you will find the glacier Jostedalsbreen. Jostedalsbreen is the largest mainland glacier in Europe and a part of a larger national park. Its a unique area and famous for having a variety of lush vegetations, glacier landscapes and bare steep mountains.

Close to Geirangerfjorden you also got something called Ørnesvingen.

This is a viewing point with an amazing waterfall.

From here the view open towards Geiranger, with mountainsides, the Knivsflå mountain hamlet and the “Seven Sisters” waterfalls.

From Jostedalsbreen National Park it is an two hours drive along Geirangerfjorden to the village of Geiranger. From Geiranger you should drive to Ålesund via Trollstigen, a mountainous route! It is Norways most visited tourist road, with impressive beautiful natural landscape Trollstigen has eleven hairpin turns who offers a massive scenery along the mountain road.

Trollstigen reach an altitude of over 1600 meters.

When reaching Ålesund, stop and take a break! This small charming city has interesting cultural museums, a fotogenic lighthouse, a famous sea park and old cosy streets.

When you are done, pack your stuff and follow the “Atlantic road” to Kristiansund, a road you will not forget.

When reaching Kristiansund, follow the road towards Trondheim, which will include a ferry between Halsa and Kanestraum. Trondheim is a scenic city, and have a lot of cultural sights. Here you find the impressive Nidarosdomen Cathedral, built over the grave of St. Olav, the King of Norway in the 11th century.  

Have a nice trip!