Southern Norway holiday in a campervan, VOL 3.

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

By three posts we will show you some different routes you can choose from with Oslo as a starting point.

In VOL 1 we will take you from Oslo via Stavanger to Bergen. In VOL 2 we will take you from Bergen to Trondheim, and in VOL 3 from Trondheim via Rondane and Røros to Oslo.

In this post, VOL 3, we will take you from Trondheim via Røros, Dovre National Park, Rondane National Park, Lillehammer to the final destination Oslo. It is around 666 km of travel from Trondheim to Oslo, so let us start!

Beautiful Rondane

The first destination after Trondheim is Røros. Femundsmarka National Parks and the Forrollhogna makes a framework around this old mining town, that is one of Norway´s most exciting areas of cultural  history. From Trondheim to Røros you follow E6 and RV30, a trip that takes approx. 2 hours by car. Røros took firm in 1644, and at this time the indigenous people of Scandinavia, the Sámi was one of the people who were trying to survive in the mountains with its cold and unforgiving winters.

Today, Røros is almost a small living museum. The entire town has authentic wooden architecture from the old days, which is full of unfolding history.

The nature around Røros is pure wilderness and is right by the third largest lake in Norway, Lake Femunden.


After you have visiting Røros you should head over to Dovrefjell National Park, which is one of Norway´s biggest protected areas. This park contains varied landscape that includes wolverines, arctic foxes, wild reindeers, ravens and golden eagles.

This is also the only place in Norway where you can see wild musk oxen.

In this park you can hike, ski and spend the night wherever you want. If you like hiking, climbing the mountain “Snøhetta” is a real highlight.

Musk oxen in Dovre

After Dovre Park you continue driving into Rondane National Park which was the first National Park in Norway. Rondane is a very powerful and massive highlands where you in the north will find tall, steep summits.

Ten of them are over 2000 metres.

In this area it is beautiful to hike, off-road biking, horse riding, rafting and river kayaking. Sohlbergplassen (viewing point at Atnsjøen lake) has beautiful view of the mountains and are easily accessible by car. Here you can make a cup of coffee in your van and enjoy it with great view.

Coffee with some tasty Norwegian waffle

After visiting the massive Rondane you should head towards Lillehammer that is known for the Olympic winter games in 1994, and has a special place in the hearts of many sports fans. It is a great destination if you are searching adventures in the great outdoors. Around here you can explore mountains and forest hills in one single day. Opportunities of skiing, cycling, hiking or horseback riding is endless. You also found Hunderfossen Adventure Park that is a amusement park with activities for the playful with more than 50 activities and attractions for all ages. The town do also have a rich offering of museums and cultural centers.

Old buildings in Lillehammer

After Lillehammer it is the time to head towards Oslo again, the main city where it all started.

When reaching Oslo again you will hopefully be filled with happiness and memories from the amazing trip and the freedom of traveling in a van.

We in Vans of Norway hope these three blogposts will contribute to give you a memorable trip in the beautiful country of Norway.