Southern Norway holiday in a campervan, VOL 1.

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Traveling through Norway is an attraction on its own, and even better if you choose to do it with a campervan. Not everybody knows that from Oslo to Tromsø, it is the same distance as from Oslo to Slovakia.

With more than 3.380 km of land - Norway offers everything from beaches to crazy steep mountains and fjords.

If you enjoy road trips and the option to travel at your own pace, a campervan and Norway is the best combination for you.

We will through three posts show you some different routes you can choose from with Oslo as a base. In VOL 1 we will take you from Oslo via Stavanger to Bergen. In VOL 2 we will take you from Bergen to Trondheim, and in VOL 3 from Trondheim via Rondane and Røros to Oslo.

Mountains in Norway.

First, we suggest you to spend at least one day in Oslo to see some galleries, museums. The Viking museum, Akershus Fortress, and Vigelands Park with 212 sculptures is one of our suggestions. A good day in Oslo would also involve traveling up Holmenkollen to the ski museum and take a coffee while enjoying the view. You can read more about Holmenkollen on:

As there is endless of places to go and see in the southern part of Norway, we recommend you to have at least two weeks.

Pack your stuff, fasten your seatbelt and cruise out of the city in your camper.   

Just around 2,5 hours away from Oslo, you will find Gaustatoppen in Rjukan. Gaustatoppen is in many settings referred as Norway´s most beautiful mountain. Why? Because its amazing view! You are able to drive pretty far up and the  walk form there is feasible for most people. If that sounds to tough for you, jump on the old military train that goes inside the mountain all the way to the top.

The view from the summit is impressive and on a clear day you can see one sixth of Norway’s mainland.

From Rjukan (Gaustatoppen) to Stavanger you should stay  away from the coastal road (E18) and rather experience the historical Suleskarvegen (road) from Rjukan to Stavanger. Read more about it here:

Preikestolen (Preacher's Pulpit).

Suleskarvegen will get you then to Lysefjorden and Preikestolen (Preacher's Pulpit), where the famous movie mission impossible has been recorded. Preikestolen is one of Norway's most popular hikes, and you have two road options. The first involves a scenic ferry ride across Lysebotn (that we suggest you to do). Options two takes you by the road around Lysebotn. Preikestolen is a two-hour hike - but if you bring good footwear, food and water it is an easy match. Note that the road is only open in the summer, and the boat trip along Lysefjord requires advance booking.)

When arrive in Stavanger you can travel to Borestranden which is 3 kilometres long beach and one of the finest of its kind in Norway. The distance from Stavanger is about 30-40 minutes by a car. This is a beach where you can swim and surf, but watch out for the current if the waves are big. Stavanger is the country's third largest city. In Stavanger city you can visit the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. The story of oil may not seems a compelling one, but this innovative museum makes it really interesting. You can also see Stavanger Cathedral, Stavanger Museum and much more.

The old and beautiful stave church.

Stavanger to Bergen:

Along this route you will find attractions such as the national tourist routes in

Hardanger, Ryfylke, Suldalslågen, Nesflaten and drive past the stave church in Røldal.

Rullestadjuvet is a beautiful part of the Åkrafjord area. It is accessible by car. You follow the old E134 traverses through the canyon and is open for traffic (not during the wintertime).

Along Åkrafjorden you will find Langfoss, one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world (rated March 2011).

Close to route 13 between Stavanger to Bergen you can find the famous twin-waterfall Låtefoss – which is a famous attraction.

Our campervan Julia on tour.

Before reaching Bergen you should visit Fonna. Fonna is a summer ski center that is located in Norway´s third largest glacier, Folgefonna, with a season that last from May to September. Check it out on: Here you can get a tour on the glacier, ski and much more.

When reaching Bergen you should do the hike up Mount Fløyen or simply jump on the Fløibanen which takes you all the way up. We promise that the view is worth it (on a clear day).

By far the most iconic sight in Bergen is the colourful facade of Bryggen, the old Hanseatic wharf first established in the 14th century. You should also get to see Bergen fish market, Bergenhus fortress and Fantoft Stave Church.

So take your time, look around and enjoy your trip! This is just a small list of thing to see and do in Norway! Search around, and you will find much, much more!

If you want to get some tips for where to park for night from other people that has travelled in Norway, check out this site: