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It may sounds strange that driving a campervan can be sustainable, and in general its not. But, we try to do everything we can to make it as best as possible. We believe that small actions in the long term has an affect.

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Repair the old

We buy old classic campervans and we fix them and maintain them. As a part of the future solution we need to waste less and repair more

spread the tourism

Toursim is getting bigger and bigger in Norway. By renting a campervan from us you are able to go places the crowd dont go. The nature loves that!

natural materials

We are now in the process of changing all plastic plates and mugs and choose wood and metal. Why? It feels better for us and the nature.

rent more

Imagine all the campervans that are unused most of the year... such a waste of resources! Dont buy, rent when you need:)